House of Cards Try to build a house of cards. Make sure the foundations and lower layers are strong enough to suppo...
0 0   214   0
Mahjong Collapse Click and collapse groups of mahjong tiles. Try to remove all tiles.
0 0   216   0
Forest Queen 2 Magical match3 game in the fores with all new levels. Remove all magical items from the game by matc...
0 0   220   0
Neon Arkanoid Fun Arkanoid game in Neon Style. Use the paddle to bounce the ball and remove all neon bricks.
0 0   218   0
Soldier Attack 3 Extra levels: hit the aliens in as less shots as possible. Aim and click to shoot.
0 0   206   0
All Fives Domino Play all Fives Domino game with your partner. Drag tiles on the board, try to get multiples of 5 on...
0 0   252   10
Freecell The classic Freecell game. Move all the cards to the foundations and use the Freecell rules.
0 0   213   0
Tägliches Lückenkreuzwort Everday new letter logic puzzles in German. Fill in the given words on the grid using letters alread...
0 0   217   0
Palabra de Lógico Del Dia Everday new letter logic puzzles in Spanish. Fill in the given words on the grid using letters alrea...
0 0   220   0
Dagelijkse Paspuzzel Everday new letter logic puzzles in Dutch. Fill in the given words on the grid using letters already...
0 0   221   0
Weave Lines Weave the lines in the correct way. The idea is to recreate the top image exactly.
0 0   210   0
Waterfall - Hidden Stars Find all the hidden stars on the waterfall images. Click on the spot where you found a star.
0 0   206   0
Clear the Numbers Clear all the Numbers. Click to get a number on the bottom area and get 3 same numbers there and the...
0 0   214   0
Bubble Ball Try to shoot all bubbles in the central hole. Drag the shooter bubble to shoot.
0 0   223   0
Jewel Match3 Match3 game with Jewels. Swap 2 jewels to get 3 or more in a row.
0 0   201   0
City Fuse Drop and merge houses into a city. Click on empty spots to place the first house in the left column....
0 0   210   0
Bingo The ultimate Bingo game. Mark the balls on your bingo cards and click 'Bingo' when you have 5 in a r...
0 0   213   0
Olko Remove all tiles from the game. You can only reach the tiles via the sides.
0 0   199   0
Tripeaks Farm Tripeaks Solitaire game on the farm. Remove all cards by selecting cards that are 1 higher or lower...
1 0   228   0
Maya Golf 2 New levels for the Maya Golf game. Try to putt the ball in as less shots as possible.
0 0   223   0


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